What parents are saying

"My six year old son and two year old daughter love going to Kindermusik class! It has really helped with my little girl's speech. Love seeing her during the week repeating what she has learned in class. She has music class with her dolls at home and teaches them! Since we homeschool Kindermusik has been wonderful for my son, too. Love it!"

M. Yeargan 

"Ms. Julie is a fantastic instructor and my child looks forward to it every week."

​J. Harrison

"My daughter enjoys the class and I can tell she gets a lot from it. She will do things at home that she's learned there. I like that she can see and interact with other children around her age. I like that she's being exposed to music and instruments at a young age."  L. Temesy 

"One of the greatest gifts that we have provided to our child. It has provided him with musical appreciation along with dance, friendship and sharing!"    C. Huss

"My kids from ages 15 to 5 LOVE Kindermusik & voice! Absolutely the best! So engaging, fun, and educational! They love every moment and look forward to the next class, camp or special event!" H. Kelling  

"Miss Julie is wonderful and Eli really enjoys his class. It's great interaction/socialization for him with other kids his age." 

J. Rizkallah

"At a very early age, our 2 sons began their musical performance experiences with Ms. Julie’s Kindermusik classes. Ms. Julie instilled and inspired within our sons a profound sense of the love of learning through musical creativity, which they in-turn share with others. Thanks to Ms. Julie, both have progressed toward extending and expanding their enjoyment of music with all of its accompanying benefits." 

W. Basden

Melissa Suttle Hoffman posted on Facebook. "We had a great time at Kindermusik today!"

Holly Brown posted on Facebook. "Thank you for such a fun class today! We enjoyed it tremendously."

Jessica Senter posted on Facebook. 

"Noah participated in a special Disney/Kindermusik class featuring music from The Lion Guard today. He loved it! He loves going to his Kindermusik class each week."

"Julie is the most thorough and caring person I have ever known. Her skills in relating to both children and voice students of all ages go beyond anything I could imagine. Her skills at vocal pedigogy enable her students to excel in vocal performance. She also uses this to build confidence and poise in her students, often encouraging children in overcoming shyness." K.Stewart

"My professional background allows me to know the importance of music and language development as well as social development. My children enjoy music and movement, we are not a musically inclined family but do enjoy to sing, dance and move. Professionally, as a speech language pathologist I know how important rhythm and music incorporated with movement is essential for developing language. In particular, our teacher is well informed and understands these believes that I follow and has a lovely connection with children."

K. Sherwin

"I highly recommend Julie. She was my children's first experience to Kindermusik. She is wonderful with the kids! My children will always remember their wonderful time with Miss Julie in Kindermusik!" D. Fluhr

"My 4 month-old already shows a positive response to music and social interaction. Kindermusik is helping him grow in so many ways!"

​L. Wegner

"My daughter loves the class and interaction with the other kids. Her teacher is wonderful and my daughter talks about how much fun she has."  A. Watson

"It is an amazing program. My son has developed so much taking this class. He loves it and we love doing it together. It has even helped with his speech delay."

​E. Stoyer

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